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Taiji Curriculum

Level 1

Daoyin Tuna 18 qigong set

Silk reeling set

Postural Alignment

Basics of breath control

Spiraling movement development 

Laojia yi lu- Old frame:

13 postures

Cultivation of internal power

Level 2

Application of theory:

Rooting, 4 energies, fascial alignment and stretching, energy development, structural refinement.

13 postures 

Straight Sword form: 50 postures and theory 

Level 3

Further refinement of structure and technique.

Cheng Man ching's Yang Style

37 postures

Theory and practice for the development of the dantian and energy circulation.

Level 4

Lao Jia yi Lu: 72 postures


Energy sensitivity


1-2-3 Step Application

Static push hands

(Level 1, 2)

Moving push hands

(Level 3, 4, 5)

Chinna-Joint locking

Free flow push hands

Taiji Curriculum
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