Taiji Curriculum

Level 1

Daoyin Tuna Shi Ba

Gong Fa: Reverse breathing 18 qigong set

Silk reeling set

Structural Alignment

Basics of breath control

Circular movement

Yin-Yang concepts

Laojia yi lu- Old frame:

13 postures

Level 2

Rooting exercises

4 Principle Energies

Energy field sensitivity

Laojia Yi lu-Old frame:

72 postures

Level 3

Postural alignment & Balance development

Refinement of Laojia Yi lu

Jian-Straight sword form:

50 Postures

Level 4

Relaxation & Pliability exercises

Ba Fa-8 Kinetic energies

Lao jia Er Lu: Paochui- Cannon Fist form

Fa Li-Explosive power development

Broad sword


Energy sensitivity


1-2-3 Step Application

Static push hands

(Level 1, 2)

Moving push hands

(Level 3, 4, 5)

Chinna-Joint locking

Free flow push hands

* Subject to change *
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